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Plant Cutback:
This method is used to remove leaves that have been damaged by frost, which allows new growth and promotes plant health. In comparison to trimming plants, it allows them to grow in a more naturalistic style and the blooming of flowers becomes more prominent.

Olive Tree Care:
January to March we recommend the spraying of the olives to minimize fruit. Thinning and balancing the tree before spraying will help the chemical reach the entire tree, inside and out.

Weed Control:
We recommend to pre/post emergent all granite areas twice a year, January to March and September to October, to minimize the appearance of weeds.

Tree/Plant Installment:
Our suggestion for new tree/plants installation or replacement is to do so during spring time; that is how to get the best results.

Seasonal Color:
Our suggestion for seasonal flowers is that they be changed out by the end of April. April is a great time for the roots to healthily develop into the soil and mid-October is the next month to repeat this procedure.

Core aeration all turf between May and June will help the air flow within the soil and environment. Applying sulfur after core aeration will help to loosen compacted soil, lower soil pH, increase fertilizer uptake, and develop stronger roots in the turf grass.

Tree pruning:
Yearly trimming of your trees and removing dead/crossing branches will help to protect the tree, reduces hazards such as broken limbs, and it minimizes storm damage.

Palm Tree Care:
Date Palms need to be trimmed between May/ June to remove seed pods and yearly growth.
Mexican Fan Palms need to be trimmed between June/ July to remove seed pods and yearly growth.
Queen Palms need to be trimmed around May and we recommend to deep root inject every 3 months.